Dress Quest 2010

So…I’m getting married. 

WOW!  I am still letting that set in.  But, now that there is a prospective date, I’m VERY excited.  This time around, the details of the wedding seem like more chores and annoyances, because I am not focused on the day.  I’m focused on forever.  It’s a good thing. One thing that is a huge annoyance is finding  THE dress.  You see, I found it….on the interwebz.  It looks like this.

What I can’t find is WHERE I can try on and hopefully buy that dress.  I am giving it my all, though.  I will travel far and wide to find that dress.  I will make phone calls to bridal shops up to 300 miles away to see if they have it in their stores.  I have tried on several other dresses but they just aren’t that one.   I have enlisted the help of my very best friend to FIND. THIS. DRESS. 

Woe will be me, if I find it and I hate the way it looks on me…..

Relentlessly Searching,