Those, by the way, are two of my favorite words.

So where do I go to get a good deal.  Well to me that’s the glory of internet shopping, because if I need say, bed sheets, I can check ALL the stores nearby without getting dressed.  I know I can’t touch them, but the packaging (and my guilt) prevents me from doing much of that anyway.  I’m a bargain shopper.  I love finding a good deal.  I have been known to get lost in Thrift Stores for hours, searching for a nearly new Tahari business suit or Ann Taylor pants with the tag still on them.  It happens, I promise.

So where does this bargain shopper spend most of her money…well it depends mostly.  I love the ability to price shop that sites like Ebay or Amazon gives for things.  I mean, holy cow, what can you NOT buy on these sites.  It’s downright incredible.  (I do not, however, encourage the purchase of things like celebrity owned anything or the face of Jesus on any household item. THOSE items are seriously NOT bargains.) I get the same satisfaction out of sites like Kayak for travel.  Once a month, I order a shipment from Alice, because I can use manufacturer coupons and I figure I save a BOATLOAD of money by not having to take my two kids into Target or Walmart or BOTH and deal with the almost certain request (and sometimes acquiescence) for impulse buys.  MONEY SAVED!  :) 

A penny saved is a penny earned!


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